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One Life, Many Paths

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Myrna L. Selzler 

Myrna L. Selzler is a lifelong entrepreneur who works with organizations and individuals to turn their passion into impact by applying her ‘people first’ vision. Certified in Behaviour and Motivation Analysis, Emotional Intelligence, as well as being a Growth Curve Strategist and a Certified Value Builder advisor, Myrna brings both technical and practical skills to help her clients address their challenges using a people approach.


As a former successful business owner, Myrna uses her experience and vision to build value in organizations. Myrna does this by providing insight and understanding into how and why people do things and ensuring that these results align with what they do.


Myrna is the founder of The Million Dollar Broker program and host of The MLS Leadership Show, a podcast about real estate leaders.

A wannabe athlete, Myrna has run several half-marathons, deadlifted 215 lbs and has now put her mind to becoming proficient in Muay Thai kickboxing.

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Carson Park

Carson has dedicated most of his life to the study of cultures, from religious communities, to athletic clubs and fandoms, as well as the workplace.


As a Certified Value Driver, Carson works with business owners to develop a plan for business growth that reflects their unique culture.


Using the Growth Curve business model, Carson understands how to predict and prepare organizations for the challenges of growth and business building.


Carson applies his knowledge and credentials in behavioural psychology, human motivators, emotional intelligence, and growth curve analysis to drive value in people and organizations, while reinforcing the unique culture.

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