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"Thanks for the evaluations which were very enlightening…. … without exception everyone learned something useful and positive. We have been successful because everyone felt better about themselves and most are determined to set and achieve goals. Your positive influence has changed their lives and for this I sincerely thank you."

"I had to write right away. Your course was the BEST course that I have ever attended in my 49 young years. I have newfound energy, direction, and hope. I feel ready to tackle anything! And with a big fat smile, no less."

"I believe our management group will be able to extract tremendous value from this program. I was particularly pleased with the level of discussion the modules generated. I think you have done an outstanding job facilitating the program for us.

Our challenge is, as always, to think, plan and take action using the knowledge and insights we have uncovered to help execute our strategy and realize our vision." 

"After a few short weeks on the Chameleon Communicator course, I have seen a tremendous increase in sales. 

For example: 

  • The most notable is the number of clients that choose to bank with private banking and pay a fee to do so. Since taking the course, 100% of the clients I have prepared a discussion/commitment paper for have accepted our package. Prior to this, I had an acceptance rate of 50%.

  • Private banking is offered to clients by invitation only. I prepared an outline of what is the difference between traditional banking and private banking. This has helped to break down the difference in simple terms to potential clients along with bankers.

  • Recently, I prepared a commitment letter which the clients asked I fax out. After I spoke with Myrna, she suggested I phone and say I’ll be in the neighbourhood at 11. Would it be alright if I pop over and discuss it? The clients actually made a comment that I was the only banker willing to come to their home. I would have never thought of going out when they asked for a fax. The personal touch made all the difference, an excellent new relationship developed.

These are just a few of the things that made such a difference. The weekly coaching is simply outstanding. They force me to keep on track at all times and look for unique ways to provide a “Value Added”. I still can’t believe that such small changes would alter my results so dramatically. I can't thank you enough for your assistance and look forward to more exciting changes in the future."

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