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Your How
(Language of Colour)

[Course 1]

Get to know the behavioural styles that describe HOW you do things and how they impact the way you approach people and tasks.

Learn to see yourself and others without judgment and gain the ability to adapt and communicate better with others.


Your How

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Your Why

Your Why
(Driving Forces)
[Course 2]

Take a peek behind the curtain as to what motivates you, your purpose, and the paths by which you prefer to learn.  


We call these Driving Forces: Knowledge, Utility, Surroundings, Others, Power, Methodologies. Understanding these provides a strong different dimension to understanding first yourself, and then those around you.

Your How & Why
(Language of Colour &
Driving Forces)
[Course 1 & 2 Bundle]

Get to know your behavioural styles - your HOW - and your motivational Driving Forces
- your WHY -.

Learn More about a loved one, or coworker, or teammate in 3 hours than you might in 3 years.

Through getting to know yourself in this new perspective, get to know others better.

Online: $150 USD

Live: 2 day seminar for larger groups (Companies, Charities, Teams). Contact us for Availability. Starting at $5,000

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Your How & Why


Empathy Game

Interested in improving your communication with practical application instead of a theory course? Interested in giving a classroom or office a change of pace day to have some light hearted fun that will help provide skills and perspective that will be valuable to anyone working with others in the future? Check out the Empathy Game. 

The Empathy Game is a product designed to challenge our communication abilities and stretch both our explanation and comprehension skills.

$500/day + travel.

Classes/groups of 5-30 at a time, min 2 hours per group/class.

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